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It’s New Year’s Eve. Your
best friend died in September,
you’ve been robbed twice,
your girl friend is leaving you,
you’ve just lost your job…
and the only one left to talk
to is a gay burglar you’ve
got tied up in the kitchen.
P.S. Your Cat Is Dead

As a young actor, James Kirkwood appeared onstage with the likes of Tallulah Bankhead and infamously, not with Rosalind Russell in the original stage version of Auntie Mame.  He had been cast as the older Patrick but was fired by Russell.  No reason was given and neither ever wrote about it.  

Kirkwood went on to write several novels, including P.S. Your Cat Is Dead which was novelized from his stage play by the same name.  Eventually, he went on to win the Pulitzer and a Tony for co-writing A Chorus Line.  Both P.S. and A Chorus Line were very influential to me, both having positive, hopeful representations of gay characters.  

You can read about my connection to P.S. at homo-centric.  I recommend getting a copy of P.S. and reading it…but whatever you do, avoid the pile of bile that is the Steve Guttenberg movie called P.S. Your Cat is Dead; it never should have been made and in my world, doesn’t exist. (The P.S. pictured here is my own tattered copy.)

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