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Photographer Robert Giard on what being gay or lesbian has to do with being a writer:

I make the assumption that a book issues from the whole person. That person may include what is being relegated to the background, to an obscure corner, or even suppressed. Of course, for most of the writers whom I have photographed, being lesbian or gay or bisexual was right up there in the forefront…It is often the source from which the writer draws character and event, language and image. It weaves itself around the themes of family, identity, spirituality, history and politics, sex, love, gender, and death.

Particular Voices is a self-portrait, an autobiography, a journey; it is also a collaboration. By and large, the subjects of these photographs met me halfway - more than halfway. Everyone sat with full knowledge of the nature of the project.

 It is my wish that when a viewer looks into the eyes of the subjects of these pictures, he or she will say in a spirit of wonder, “These people were here; like me, they lived and breathed.” So too will the portraits ” respond, “We were here; we existed. This is how we were.” 

Particular Voices: Portraits of Gay and Lesbian Writers (clockwise from left: Thom Gunn, Armistead Maupin, Tim Miller & Douglas Sadownick, Quentin Crisp)

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